Wholesale and retail sales in 2015, Mercedes-Benz, Man, Volvo, Scania, Renault (RVI), Daf, Iveco Ford Truck and availability have entered the Marine Engine spare parts market, although we established more recent thirty years experience in the sector of the company founders This when the knowledge they have acquired in upper management positions in firms that are active in the wholesale and retail sector until delivery of spare parts throughout the world using their own company. Our company is specialized in truck and bus spare parts in the above mentioned group of tools, these tools are used in all kinds After being able to market and supply of original spare parts. The industry's strongest companies in our company by keeping the fight to take place in the forefront of customer satisfaction and quality, fastest service that might have been committed to providing to you. We believe that our understanding of service will respond to the expectations of the first issue of spare parts.

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